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VirtualBox Screen is Tiny, Why?

After a fresh install of an Ubuntu 14 guest-OS on Virtualbox, the guest login screen is too tiny.

How to make the screen larger?

Short Answer: I need to install 'Guest Additions'.

Long Answer: I install 'Guest Additions' with a multi step procedure.
  • In the menu-bar of the guest-OS I should find a link called: 'Devices'.
  • In that link I click other link at bottom: 'Insert Guest Additions CD Image'

  • VirtualBox finds the ISO file of the CD in the host-OS.
    VirtualBox inserts the Guest Additions CD.
    I see it at bottom-left.
  • Also a pop-up appears with question:
    "blah-blah-blah, Would you like to run it?"

  • I click yes and then give it my password.
  • After it finishes, I reboot the guest-OS.
  • After bootup, the login screen should be large enough to fill my screen.

Related questions:
  • Q: How to set root password?
  • A: sudo bash
    passwd root
  • Q: How to copy-paste between host and guest?
  • Short Answer: X-Windows
  • Long Answer: Install X-Windows on host.
    Start X-Windows terminal on host.
    ssh -YA ann@guest
    The YA option gives permission to new-guest-shell.
    Type 'firefox' in new-guest-shell.
    Firefox appears on host, but runs on guest.
    Copy-paste from host into Firefox.
    Note that Firefox has a bug which prevents guest-firefox and host-firefox from sharing same display.
    Workaround: Avoid host-firefox. Use Safari or Chrome on host. Let the syntax do the talking
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